Ant Removal


One of the most commonly found pest in the Keller Texas area, there are nearly a dozen types to be found each with their own methods needed to eradicate. Some of these ants are considered to be dangerous and should be left alone until help can arrive.

At Green and Safe we know how to handle each type of ant with the most effective method for the species. There is no telling how many ants a single home can be infested by at any given time. Below are a list of these troublesome insects common to the area.

Types of Ants

  • Fire – One of the nastiest of the bunch, these are red and have a painful sting and are dangerous.
  • Argentine – Dark brown in color and often found in homes throughout the Keller Texas area.
  • Odorous – As the name implies they have a rotten odor to them and are very unwanted.
  • House – Common ants that pose no threat but are unwanted all the same.
  • Acrobat – Typically small colonies and have a black posterior with red head and body.
  • Crazy – Tiny and hailing from S. America they are called crazy because of their erratic movement.
  • Pharaoh – Small and typically light brown or yellow are common nuisances in hospitals.
  • CarpenterLarge and known to chew through wood to hollow it out.
  • Sugar – Larger ant and named because of its love for sugar.

Why Green & Safe Pest Control?

Our years of experience have given us the ability to eliminate and face all ant species in very aggressive and effective manner. We know the importance of taking care of them immediately and without hesitation in order to stop their movement.

When to Contact Us to Get Started?

To stop ants the best way is to prevent them from infesting your home in the first place. If you already have seen them then it’s important for us to come take a look and assess the seriousness and size of the infestation and to locate and nest.

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