Roaches are oftentimes one of the nastiest pests to deal with; they are typically large and found in incredible numbers. They are rarely seen during day light hours and are therefore often missed by family members until it’s too late. At Green and Safe we have all the necessary means to eliminate roaches in their entirety.

As for the stubbornness of this pest, it makes them one of the most difficult kills in the pest kingdom. They are fast, reproduce incredibly quickly and are very resilient to being killed. Luckily at Green and Safe we have all the needed measures to get rid of this pest fast.

Types of Cockroaches

  • American – These are one of the largest types of roaches and are brown in color.
  • German – The midsized roach found in the US and are typically darker color.
  • Orient – The smallest of the bunch and the fastest which also are found in record numbers they are either light or dark brown.

Why Green & Safe Pest Control?

At Green and Safe we know how to knock roaches out of existence fast. This is important as they are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of once they’ve established a nest or colony. Because of their rate and speed of reproduction it’s important that they are zapped at the source. We know how to hit them were it hurts and will do what it takes to get you back your home.

When to Contact Us

As far as roaches goes get them before they get you. We will use the best preventive measures to eliminate them from your home and if they are already in home we will do an assessment immediately to see how bad the infestation is.

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