Flying Insect Removal


Nothing is worse than being infested by flying insects of any type. Of course the venomous ones are by far the more troublesome of the bunch. We understand the need for wanting to keep your home clean and clear from any of these unwanted pests and have the means to eliminate them.

Since flying insects tend to build hives and nest in hard to reach areas it takes some special care when dealing with them. We know how to take the following pest out at the source.

Types of Flying Insects

  • BeesSimple bee hives are always easy to remove, however Africanized bees can pose a serious threat.
  • WaspTypically much more aggressive than that of bees, these can repeatedly bite and sting.
  • Hornets – Similar to wasp they are highly aggressive and pack a nasty punch
  • Flies – Troublesome although they pose no threat except possible sanitary conditions.
  • Mosquitoes – More irritating than anything they are difficult to control.
  • Moths – Although they pose no physical danger, they can cause damage to the home and possessions.

Why Choose Us Green & Safe?

We have been effectively eliminating flying insects and pest from people’s homes for years and will do everything we can in our power to eliminate them from your home or property in the safest and most effective way possible. At Green and Safe we stand for customer satisfaction.

When to Contact Us

The best time is before the problem happens; we know all the methods to stop flying insects from becoming a problem. If you’re already having issues with flying insects than we will come give an assessment of the problem immediately and help you return your home to a normal working order.

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