Others Pest

There are several of other unwanted pests that sometimes find their ways into your home. Many of these pests are very difficult to get rid of and call for special action. At Green and Safe we know how effectively eliminate each of the following pest in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Because each of these pests is considered to be special circumstances they require special expertise to handle and get rid of.

Types of Other Pest

  • Millipedes – Similar to a centipede but with a hard rounded shell and hundreds of legs.
  • Centipedes – Often reddish brown with huge mandibles, long bodies and many legs.
  • Fleas – The tiny pest found on pets and rodents can cause serious infestation.
  • Ticks – Often found in wooded areas and on pest and burrow into skin.
  • Beetles – They come in various shapes and sizes and some can be destructive to the home.

Why Choose Us?

Because at Green and Safe we know pest and how to get rid of them, even the odd and less common like the ones mentioned above don’t stand a chance against the methods of pests elimination, prevention and control we use here. We’ve been helping people in the Keller Texas Area for years rid their homes of pest and return back to a normal healthy way of life.

When to Contact Green & Safe Pest Control

Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to pest control and there in no one better at effective prevention than our experts at Green and Safe. If you’ve already seen any of the listed above pests or any others then we can give a full assessment of the infestation and take the needed steps to exterminate the pest completely.

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