Rodent Removal

There is nothing worse than having a bunch of unwanted pest in your home. Unless of course these are rodents, being that they are one of the smartest and most destructive of pest, it’s imperative to your home and to the safety of your family that you get rid of these nuisances immediately.

Rodents are not susceptible to many conventional type of control and are sometimes infected with or carrier of harmful diseases, some of them are even considered fatal. Green and Safe is well experienced in dealing with rodent infestations and getting rid of these troublesome pest in the fastest way possible while keeping other pets of the home safe.

Types of Rodents

  • Mice – Much smaller and less damaging to the home but still can cause damage and carry fleas.
  • Rats – They come in various sizes and can be very aggressive as well as cause moderate to severe damage and carry disease.

Why Choose Us?

Our years of experience in dealing with rodents of every type and kind as well as all levels of infestation within all building types gives us the knowledge and experience to eliminate these pest without challenge or remorse.

When to Contact Green & Safe Pest Control

The best method of rodent control is early prevention, and we are well experienced in all of them. If you’ve already seen rodents in the home, then it’s imperative that we visit your home and assess the current level of infestation.

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