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Spiders cause fear in many people, they are also incredibly sturdy and can be very difficult to get rid of. At Green and Safe we have all of the knowledge and skills needed to get rid of these pests in the fastest and safest way possible.

Because spiders are oftentimes venomous it’s imperative to the safety of your family and pets that you snub them out before they get out of control. We will use the latest methods to eliminate these unwanted arachnids and to keep them away.

Types of Spiders

  • Black Widow – Easily identified by their jet black color and the red hour glass on their under carriage they are one of the most venomous animals in North America.
  • Brown Recluse – These worrisome spiders are often referred to as the fiddle back or violin spider because of a marking on their back resembling a tiny guitar. They are incredibly venomous and should be treated with caution.
  • Wolf Spider – More scary looking than their smaller cousins although not quite as dangerous they are large and hairy.
  • Jumping Spider – These little spiders aren’t considered dangerous but nonetheless are irritating when jumping all over the place.
  • House Spider – The common house spider has a bite although is not considered to be dangerous to humans or pets. They do however get incredibly large.

Why Choose Us Green & Safe?

At Green and Safe, you’re house being pest free is our main concern. Our years of experience in dealing with arachnids will help us to eliminate the threat in record time in the safest way possible. We always stand by customer service and aim to help you eradicate the threat from your home as fast as possible.

When to Contact Us

Prevention is always the best step to stopping pest from getting a foot hold in your home. If you’ve already seen pest in your home than it’s imperative that we assess the situation and end the threat before it escalates.

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