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They are very small insect generally living on pets, floors, linens, pet quarters, in the yard, etc... They appear to be a little black dot that jumps. There are 16 common species of fleas in North America. They typically feed on pets, but will still feed on humans.

Flea Bites

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Fleas typically feed on human legs. The bites will not hurt initially, but will become very irritating. Fleas can transmit various diseases some are Murine Typhus, Mycoplasma Heamofelis, Tapeworms, Cat Sctracth Disease, and Lyme Disease.

How to Treat for Fleas?

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Always keep your pets up to date on their flea treatments

Having a good pest control program in place.


Vacuuming is a great way to remove fleas from your floors and baseboards.

Contact the professionals

you'll want to make sure that their flea control services are guaranteed

That it is a scheduled two service treatment

Does a Safe Flea Control exist?

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Yes, at Green & Safe Pest Control we perform successful flea control services all the time while using safe methods for you and your family. When looking for a pest control company it's not just the products they use but how they use them. The method is one of the key differences on how a safe and effective service is completed.

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