Wasp Treatment

Don't wait until it's too Late!

We've all been there before - you are counting down the seconds, ready to make a run for it, keeping a fixed eye on the wasps nest that appeared out of nowhere. With anxiety built, you muster up the courage and charge forward, hoping that you don't get stung. Don't let this be you this summer. Give Green & Safe Pest Control a call and we'll provide wasp control safely and effectively.

Since flying insects tend to build hives and nests in hard-to-reach areas, it takes special care when dealing with them. We know how to take them out at the source. 

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Paper Wasps

Typically much more aggressive than bees, these can repeatedly bite and sting. 


Mud Daubers

If you find mud tubes on your outside walls,  you know you have mud daubers near by. These wasps come in many colors. They can be blue, yellow, or orange. In those mud tubes you can find wasp larvae and their food storage, which usually consists of other insects.

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Cicada Killer

This type of wasp preys on cicadas, hence their name. Nests are excavated in the soil and on average, there are 16 cells per nest. Their holes are large enough to be mistaken for diggings of a small rodent.

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