Have you seen spiders in your home or yard? Spiders are terrifying, sturdy, and often hard to get rid of. At Green and Safe Pest Control, we have the knowledge and skills needed to provide spider control in the quickest and safest way possible.

Because some species are venomous and spider bites can be painful, it’s imperative to the safety of your family and pets that you contact an exterminator before they get out of control. See the photos below for a few spiders that are found in the Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, Keller, and surrounding areas.

Spider Types

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Black Widow

They are easily identified by their jet black color and the red hour glass on their abdomen. Black widow webs appear asymmetrical and messy. These spiders are venomous, yet rarely fatal. Victims of a black widow bite will often experience nausea, difficulty breathing, and muscle aches. Black widows are one of two venomous spiders found in Texas.

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Brown Recluse

This worrisome spider is sometimes referred to as the fiddle back or violin spider because of the violin-shaped marking on its back. They are incredibly venomous and should be treated with caution. Brown recluses often live in wood piles, sheds or other dry and usually undisturbed places. They also gravitate toward cardboard. If you have seen a brown recluse, give us a call right away. It would also be wise to get rid of any wood or cardboard piles that may be lying around your property. 

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Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders can grow to an enormous size - well over an inch long. They are scarier looking than most species of spider, but their bites are not considered medically dangerous. They do not spin webs, but instead, live in burrows or crevices. They have excellent eye sight, and if you look closely, two of their eight eyes are significantly larger than the others. The mothers carry the egg sac on their abdomens, and then after the spiders hatch, the mother carries the babies on her back for several days. 

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House Spider

The common house spider has a bite although it is not considered dangerous to humans or pets. They are often mistaken for a brown recluse. House spiders are non-aggressive. 

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Why Choose Green & Safe Pest Control?

We safely and effectively eliminate spiders by thoroughly examining, treating, and following up on problem areas. We guarantee our services and will re-treat whenever necessary. We take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach when it comes to treating for spiders and all other pests. 

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